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Updated: 14. November 2023

Create Uploaded premium account.

The answer is quite simple. It will only take you some minutes. First of all, you type the web address of the file hoster ( into your browser. Then click enter and the home page of the company will appear. Here you can choose between different categories. You need to open the category “register” as you want to set up a new premium account. By clicking on the “register”-category a new site pops up that gives you information about the advantages of a Premium Account and the actual price list. Now you can choose your price category. Another page appears asking you to choose your preferred payment method. When you have decided about the payment method, is going to ask you for your email address and your given as well as last name. This information is needed to send you the access data to your premium account. After typing your personal information, a new window opens. In this window, you can proceed to pay for your Premium Account via the desired payment method. For example, if you want to pay for your Premium Account with PaysafeCard, you just have to type in your code and accept the terms and conditions. After hitting the pay-button is immediately going to check the validity of your code. This takes only a few seconds. A new screen appears letting you know that everything worked fine. Now check your email address as you want to access your new bought Premium Account. By now you should have received an email containing the login data. If you haven’t received it yet try to actualize your browser. In case you won’t receive an email contact the support. They will help you with your problem.

Advantages of the Premium Account

If you buy the Uploaded Premium Account you can download every file with full speed. Your download speed is limited only by the bandwidth of your internet access. Further, there aren’t any restrictions in downloading several files at the same time and your download starts immediately. The good thing about getting a premium account is that you don’t have to be bothered by irritating advertising anymore. Another benefit that has to be mentioned about an Premium Account is that the uploaded files aren’t subject to a time constraint. So, you don’t have to worry about renewing your files once in a while. This brings in the possibility to use the Premium Account as a place to store your backups. The management of your uploaded files is very easy. supplies you with a web based file manager. You can even earn money with your Premium Account. Premium Account deals

To get access to your Premium Account, offers you six different deals. The first offer includes access to a Premium Account for forty-eight hours. The price for this is only 4,99 Euro. If you spend only 99,99 Euro you will have access to the advantages of a Premium Account for two years. When buying the Premium Account you will also get Bonus Points. The purchase of a two year long access is attached to getting nine thousand Bonus Points. These Bonus Points are bound to your Account on and can be accumulated over time. So, every time you renew your Premium Account the Bonus Points will be credited to your account. The Bonus Points allow you to extend the time you can use your Premium Account. If you have collected ten thousand Bonus Points you can extend your Premium Account for one month.


When buying a Premium Account with a minimum term of six months you can also use the cloud service uDrive. With just one single click you can draw files from your personal computer or Mac into the cloud. In this way, you can simply access your data with your smartphone or tablet or rather personal computer from every place in the world with access to the internet. After your Premium Account is expired the files in the cloud will be further stored for forty-five days. Then they will be deleted. The maximal file size is two gigabytes. uDrive is very safe. Only the holder of the Premium Account has access to the data.

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