How to use an Uploaded Premium Account in jdownloader?

Updated: 11. November 2023

Uploaded Premium to jDownloader.

Most of the programs and movies you can download in the internet are offered in the form of separated compressed parts. The single files usually have a size of one to five hundred megabytes. Stored together and extracted, the actual content can be used. Now, if you want to download for example a program your coworkers have designed but you don’t want to manage all the single downloads by yourself it is helpful to use a download manager just like jdownloader. You simply insert the download link containing all the separated parts in the jdownloader. The jdownloader will supervise the progress and extract the desired file at the end. But in case you download the data from a file hosting service you will need to insert your Premium Account settings to the jdownloader in order to enjoy the benefits of the service. This can be done really easy. First of all, you just have to open the jdownloader. Wait till all the updates are run. Then go to the menu point “Settings” in the upper left corner of the program window. A new window will pop up showing you the statuses of your actual Premium Accounts. By clicking on the button “Add Account” you open a window where you can enter your valid Uploaded Premium Account. Just choose the Host Then fill in the fields “Name” and “Pass”. Confirm your entries with the “OK”-button. Just wait for some seconds as the jdownloader will add your Premium Account information to the status screen. Now you can see if your Uploaded Premium Account is active and when it will expire. If you want to start your downloads, go back to the category “Donwload” and start the download process with the Play-button above.

Benefits of the Uploaded Premium Account

The Premium Account offers a wide range of benefits in comparison to the free access. First and perhaps the most important advantage of the Premium Access is the unlimited download speed. With the Premium Account you download the files with no speed limitation. That means the download speed is only limited by the bandwidth of your internet access. For example, if you have an internet access with a bandwidth of one hundred thousand Megabytes per second you can achieve download speeds up to 11,5 Megabytes per second. Let’s say you want to download a file with a size of twenty gigabytes, you will now only need around twenty-nine minutes for the download to complete. Further benefits of the Uploaded Premium Account lie in the possibility to download several files at the same time as well as the advertising-free access to your Account. Now, you can manage your uploaded data with the help of the web based data management program. Many other file hosting services have a time constraint for your uploaded files. This means usually you have to reupload them once in a while in order to keep the content online accessible. But with the Premium Account of you no longer have to do that. guaranties you an unlimited shelf life of your uploaded files.

Price categories for access to the Premium Account gives you the opportunity to choose between six different price categories in getting access to the Premium Account. Furthermore, with every purchase of a Premium Account you get Bonus Points. These points can be collected over time. If you have ten thousand Bonus Points, you can exchange them in order to get a free Premium Access for a whole month. For example, if you want to have access to the Premium benefits for a time period of six month you have to spend only 39,99 Euro. Simultaneously, you will get six thousand Bonus Points. When purchasing an access that is longer than six month, you can use the cloud service uDrive. There you can store your files in a comfortable way. After your Premium Account is expired, your files will be stored for further forty-five days in the cloud.

Partner Program gives you the chance to make money with your Premium Account. On the one hand, you can earn money in generating downloads from your files. On the other hand, you can invite friends and customers to subscribe to the Premium content of This will also be rewarded.

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